Shiv Sundram

Welcome! I'm a 2nd year computer science PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Professor Fredrik Kjolstad.

I'm interested in high-performance computing, domain-specific languages, and GPUs. I'm grateful to be funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I graduated from Berkeley in 2015, where I double majored in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Before Stanford I spent 4 years as a GPU and ML engineer: first at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory building parallel & scalable software for GPU-based supercomptures, and then at Cruise as a senior engineer working on perception systems for autonomous vehicles.

I am fortunate to have been advised and mentored by many great people, including:
Prof. Fredrik Kjolstad (PhD advisor),
Prof. Alex Aiken (PhD rotation advisor),
Prof. Kunle Olukotun (PhD rotation advisor),
Profs. Armando Fox & Kathy Yelick (Undergraduate),

questions? email me

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For professional communications, you are welcome to use my current academic address,


You can find a variety of projects on my GitHub profile

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